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Collaboration #2 "My jaw hurts babe." By Kat Blenkinsop.

I want you to go down on me like you mean it, like you want me to cum in your face, like the taste of me on you is a dream come true and you can't wait til I almost bust off your head as I am busting one off in your mouth.

Soft caresses down south

Hit the clitoris don't ignore it, not enough to know your way to the forest. I cleared a path so you could put my flower in your bath.

Bathe my petals like they drip with honey,

Focus on the money

Push the button

Take me up to cloud nine


I'm sorry baby this will take some time., we’ve got to climb.

Are you prepared for the journey? Are you ready for the task at hand, mouth, lips, tongue?

Did you pack an overnight bag?

As I feel the euphoria, as I begin to enjoy the ride, as I feel the gentle glide of his tongue against

my slot, waiting to hit the jackpot.

sheets ruffled, bed remade like it could actually say "some people were fucking here today"

I'm so close I can feel it on the tip of my tongue, the hairs on the back of my neck are sprung and I'm verbally reciting chapter and verse of books i've never read in languages I do not speak. The TNT is lit and I'm about to hit when I hear the following bullshit, "my jaw hurts babe. Babe, my jaw hurts."

It sounded kind of familiar; “my…jaw…hurts…”, but

I was kinda in a trance so I didn't understand or comprehend or realize what he really meant was "I can't finish what I started cause my jaw hurts...babe"

So you wanna know what I said to him?

I said, "honey, bunny, sweetie-pie, pumpkin pudding pop I haven't felt my jaw since 2004 so I don't know what your talking about or complaining for and don't give me that look/speech of 'you're lucky I go down there, most guys don't go down there'. first of all, what the fuck is down there? Is down there like those medieval paintings where a lady is holding up her dress showing her pussy to the devil and the devil is like “AAAHHHHHHH!!!!” And second of all, I ain't fucking most guys.

You wanna talk about jaw hurt, let's talk about jaw lock, let's talk about a jaw that got caught in the same position from sucking on your cock too long waiting for you to cum cause you were like ummm..not concentrating! Let's talk about I can't feel my lips, I can't feel my tongue, I can no longer produce saliva from suck on your dick for the last 60 minutes. Let's talk about I'm choking, I'm gagging, I can't breathe, there are tears coming down my face, I think I need to go to the ER.

Let's try a lil experiment. We’re gonna take one of those dildos you can fill up with liquid – and not a “I like little dicks” dildo, but an “I like big dicks” dildo- and we’re gonna put some gross, disgusting, warm, nasty tasting, “i don’t drink pineapple juice” kind of stuff in the dildo and you’re gonna shove that in and out of your mouth for 5 minutes. 5 minutes ain’t shit. Anyone that has sucked a dick in here will tell you that five minutes ain’t shit. Then out of nowhere that gross disgusting liquid is going to spray out of the dildo….like splash!!! When this happens you are not gonna do this (ducks to avoid spray) “wow, did you see that stuff?” No, you’re not gonna do that. And your not gonna be like (pretends to be thoroughly disgusted, fakes almost vomiting) No, you will not be like that. You’re gonna be like this (starts licking up all the imaginary cum around her lips, cleaning it up with fingers and putting it in mouth) Yummy! And then you know what? And you know what then?... And THEN YOU KNOW WHAT???!!! You’re gonna swallow it! That’s right! You’re gonna swallow it like it’s manna from the fucking Gods!!! Your gonna swallow it like it’s your favorite dessert topping on top of your favorite dessert, your gonna swallow it like you just ran a 20 day marathon through the sahara and when you got to the end they said “here, have some cum”.

The art of performing oral sex is not for the faint of heart, you must be in it to win it, like making that person cum is the most important thing you will ever do in your whole entire life and no amount of my jaw hurts babe or reflexing gag will get in the way of the spray. The orgasm is a work of art and your partner is there to be transformed & manipulated into a performance piece that explores the magnificence of pure sensation.

So roll up your sleeves, roll up your trousers, be an adult and get the job done, that’s why they call it a job. So don’t take on the mission if you are going to come up saying impossible you Tom Cruise mutherfucker. This moment is not about you, but if you would like another moment all about you and I mean that from the bottom of my throat, get your head str8 or actually get my head str8. Put your mind on my brain and blow.

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